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EGP3,800.000 /e.g


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    96mm x 96mm Enclosure front size
    Free of charge Ladder Logic Editor with GUI running on PC, “GEMO LADDER EDITOR”; programming, simulation, download.
    256 lines, 5 contact column, 1 coil column
    Rising / Falling Edge option for contacts
    Up to 24 Discrete Inputs, built-in filter for each input
    Up to 17 Discrete Outputs
    32 Timers (11 modes, 9 time bases)
    2 Timer Ticks (Event Counting)
    32 Counters (16 bits, Up/Down)
    32 Counter Comparators (with Offset feature)
    2 Fast Input Counters
    2 Independent State Machines (Internal Timer)
    3 Front Panel F Keys, with built in filter for each
    48 Auxiliary Relays
    16 Analog Comparators (with hysteresis)
    Up to 4 x 0-10V Analog Inputs
    Up to 2 x PTC Temperature Sensor Input
    32 Run Time Screens with internal timer; each having 4 sub screens
    Welcome screen with 4 sub screens
    3 Level user programmable menu system
    4 Password contacts
    4 Configuration contacts
    Real Time Clock - optional
    Weekly / Yearly Alarms (for RTC option)
    RS-485 port to connect to extension modules
    Communicates with a MOSBUS RTU Master via AR2 MODBUS Gateway (AR2-S-24VDC-MB1)
    Scan time < 10msec.
    2x16 character back-light LCD display
    18...32VDC or 100...240VAC supply options, 18Vdc Auxiliary Supply Out for discrete inputs

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